Inclineable machining table for HIT-M (BAT)

In conjunction with the inclineable table, the mobile edging device becomes a stationary system with an unbeatable price / performance ratio for producing an optical zero joint. The inclineable table can be optionally equipped with swiveling vacuum plates for post-processing of workpieces and

The associated 360° ball rollers ensure variable positioning. The inclineable table enables a pneumatic angle adjustment for applying edges on inclined cutting surfaces up to 55 ° inclination.

Technical description:

  • As an accessory for HIT-M
  • Table top size ca. B700xT450mm, working height 1000mm
  • With 24 plastic ball rollers 360° for variable positioning
  • For bevelled edges up to 55 ° inclination, as well as molded parts
  • Pneumatic unlocking and damping of the angle adjustment
  • 4m connection cable and compressed air tube

Additionally in the TOP variant (for optimal postprocessing)

  • Vacuum injector for vacuum cups
  • Swiveling vacuum plate (Ø160mm) for postprocessing of workpieces
  • 40mm vacuum manometer
  • Tasting valve for switching off unused vacuum cups

Further advantages:

  • Easy approach of a "laser edge" to a workpiece
  • Even beveled edges up to 55 ° are no problem for the angle table
  • The support of the four side guide rollers facilitates the approach of the bevelled edges / straight workpieces
  • Safe reworking of the workpieces is ensured by vacuum up to 0.9 bar
  • Easy adjustment of the angle for approaching beveled edges
  • Pneumatic unlocking and damping of the angle adjustment
  • Locking of the angle adjustment for the most common bevelled edges as well as freely adjustable angle possible