HIT-S (stationary)

The stationary hot air unit HIT-S is characterized by the fact that already used as well as new edge banding machines can be upgraded with the aggregate.

HIT heating unit

System can be integrated into any edge banding machine:

  • In small edge banding machine
  • industrial plants
  • machining centers
  • as well as molding machines

HIT activation nozzle:

  • For edges and wooden strips of 11-65mm width (height)
  • Very fast response times
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise
  • Very low heat radiation to neighboring components
  • Significantly lower air consumption


  • Very compact heating unit with well-proven advanced nozzle technology and lower air consumption
  • Shortest access to the nozzle possible
  • Very constant temperature behavior of the nozzle has a positive effect on changing workpiece lengths
  • No insulation of the heating unit necessary, therefore very compact design
  • Easy to use up to 8 bar operating pressure (dynamic pressure) at very high operating temperatures
  • Easy to maintain, replacement of temperature sensor or heating components in the shortest possible time
  • No heat radiation of the heating element to other machine components
  • Can be easily integrated into any edge banding machine
  • Very efficient technique in the processing of coextruded and coated edges ("laser edge")
  • Can be installed into machines up to feed rate of 30m / min
  • Very good start and end gluing between plate / edge

Technical data

  • Heating unit dimensions: 400mm x 190mm x 150mm (LxWxH) Industrial equipment
  • Speed: max. 30m / min
  • Connected load: 9 kW (maximum possible power peak)
  • Compressed air connection: 8 bar
  • Operating pressure: 1.5 - 8 bar
  • Machine control with 150 memory spaces optionally available

Additional advantages

  • up to 65 mm edge height and up to 30 m / min feed, without speed reduction of the machine
  • Can be used on almost all edge banding machines
  • Control and touch screen operation for self-sufficient application