HIT-M (small stationary & mobile)

The HIT-M molding edgebander is used for applying and gluing any commercially available "laser edge" (co-extruded, post-coated or old-class pre-coated EVA hotmelt adhesive edges). It can perfectly straight, oblique, curved and round plate materials and moldings are processed. Sloping cutting surfaces up to 55 ° are no problem here.

Technical description:

  • 3 pressure rollers, 2 motor-driven and a third one 90 ° swiveling pressure roller (ideal for internal bonding)
  • Automatic edge band feeder with edge band recognition with stop function
  • 2 adjustable edge hold-downs
  • Max. Edge height 65 mm (105mm as an option)
  • Infinitely variable feed rate from 1 to 5.5 m / min.
  • Infinitely adjustable hot air up to 550 ° C
  • Automatic heating when lifting the device and automatic standby when setting down the device
  • Top shielding of the hot air - no risk of burns on the device, even over 90 °
  • swiveling support table with fixed zero point
  • 230 volts AC
  • 3.05 kW
  • 13.3 A
  • Max. 10 bar air requirement

Further advantages:

  • The world's first mobile device for zero joints without additional peripherals
  • up to 65 mm edge height and up to 5.5 m / min feed, stepless
  • CNC compatible
  • In combination with Kluge angle table as small stationary perfectly suitable