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The precision engineering company Aggregate und Sonderbau Kluge GmbH develops innovative solutions for edge technology in trade and industry. Holger Kluge is the inventor of a new patent pending hot air unit and a patented gland arrangement, which are used to process 'laser edges' to the optical zero joint. Many renowned manufacturers of edge banding machines have adapted the hot air technology and installed it in their systems. Further products and innovations on the subject of edgebanding, tailor-made for industry and trade (carpenters, assembly carpenters) have already been patented by Kluge and are offered at affordable prices on the market. In order for Kluge to focus on production and use its extensive Know-How in hot air technology for further innovations, a sales company was founded under the name "Kluge Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG", which markets the system solutions and technologies from Kluge organized nationally and internationally.  read more

Visually zero joint

The optical zero joint has led in recent years to rapid technical developments in all fields of edge processing. Meanwhile, the zero joint has prevailed in the industry and represents the benchmark. The optical zero joint describes the seemingly invisible transition between the plate surface and the narrow edge coating. The plate and edge look like as one, so that the observer can no longer recognize a joint.
Due to the zero-joint technology and the resulting nondeless optics in the workpiece, the craftsman has significant advantages. By eliminating an additional coating, no change of adhesive as well as the omission of cleaning the glue pot increases the flexibility and speed.

Advantages at a glance:

  • High process reliability (adhesive = coating on the edge is always sufficient and the bonding is always constant)
  • apparently invisible transition between the plate surface and the narrow edge coating; the viewer can no longer recognize a fugue
  • Molded parts, which are usually within the customer's field of vision (counter plates, curved fronts, molded part tables) can now be produced in zero joint quality.
  • additional painting is omitted
  • You always have the right glue color for the plate / edge ready. Glue pot cleaning and color change are completely eliminated. This minimizes set-up costs.
  • increased flexibility and faster processing
  • higher heat resistance and water resistance; resistant to moisture and water vapor
  • jointless look of one piece; permanently seamless
  • extremely hard-wearing
  • Hygienic cleanliness
  • Easy cleaning

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